Welcome Retro Buddys!

Welcome to Retro Buddys!

After some development time we finally went live today. The team behind the buddies has already considered the last year whether and to what extent it would be useful. can turn an “old” hobby into a business. Our aim is to be a contact point for the retro computing community around the “old” Commodore computers and to support the HW Mod community with words and deeds.

Many people are like me, they made their first steps 30+ years ago with the first Commodore computers – no matter if VIC-20, C64 or Amiga. I myself can still. remember very well how I worked with. my soldering iron have destroyed one or the other computer. However, I also learned an enormous amount while “scrapping”. Parallel to the HW mods I also learned to program the computers – especially C64 and Amiga 500. The 64 of course only in assembler and the Amiga to. Start with C and later 100% assembler.

Also, I am self taught to the demo and cracking scene and I still find it amazing today how many of “my” demo’s and hack’s still exist.

If you have any questions, need help or support, just ping us at info at Retrobuddys dot com. We are happy to help!

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