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You don’t dare to open your Amiga to install hardware mods? You want to have your Amiga overhauled? Then use our new installation service! Send us your Amiga and we will gladly install all extensions you bought from us and also do an overhaul of your PC. Of course, we also offer you a warranty of 3 months for these activities. If your Amiga should die within this time you will get a replacement or a free repair from us!

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Software update

Of course we also offer you a complete software update for your Amiga. Including current AmigaOS 3.2 and corresponding Kickstart ROMs. All legal and clean licensed. Best together with an internal or external (CF) hard disk or a new internal or external PiStorm adapter. Feel free to contact us or order your upgrade in the store!

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In our blog you will find news about retro computers in general and the Amiga in particular.

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4-way kickstart switcher

Positive growth. Nature, in the common sense, refers to essences unchanged by man; space, the [...]

4MB Amiga 600 FastRam extension

Installation instructions for the 4MB Fast Ram extension for the Amiga 600

New Amiga products

You can look forward to the following products: - 4/8 MB FastRam for Amiga 500 [...]

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